Monday, July 6, 2009

Stand in line???

Well I decided to knock the dust off this thing as I have not blogged on here in ages so here it goes folks.

I am not downplaying the tragedy that is the death of the late and great Micheal Jackson by no means in this. So please do not attempt to moonwalk on over to my humble little dwelling and state your case.

Micheal Jackson was a musical and entertainment genius by all measures. He sold millions of records, had throngs of fans and paved the way for the modern pop culture. I am, however, rather disturbed by the intense media coverage of the facts of deaths and his memorial. Micheal will always be in the history books and in the back of our minds with his music and his dancing and the scandals that plagued him.

However, where is the media coverage when a soldier dies a hero's death fighting for our freedom overseas? Where is the media coverage when a police officer is shot to death in the line of duty? Where is the media coverage when a fire fighter dies pulling someone from a burning building?

We hardly ever hear about the good samaritan and the thousands of acts of selflessness that occur everyday which make our world and country a better place. These people should be given the credit they deserve as well. Our priorities seem so backwards sometimes. Since Micheal's passing I can pick up just about any local newspaper and the front headline will probably be something concerning the pop star's untimely calling home.

As a society we are too wrapped up in technology, Hollywood, the latest scandal, and so much other brouhaha. We've lost sight of so much of the simple stuff that has made our country what it is and made us all who we are. Give me a log cabin up in the woods with no television or telephone and I'd be perfectly happy.

Now I'll be the first to admit I'm not above reproach in all this either. I love my computer and my highfalutin cell phone. I am the biggest techy and nerd and I love me some good gossip. Every once in a while, like now, I get a kick in the shorts and I have to ask myself for what. There's a certain country song I like that always kinda reminds of this. There's just something about a cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right and the radio up.

Now I know I started this thing off by talking about the media coverage of the pop king's death and I probably wondered around a bit but I don't really care. It's my blog and I'll do what I want. =)

Well goodnite folks and I'll ramble and preach on somewhere later on down the road!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Retrospect

In Retrospect

As I look back on the events transpired
I once had what people admired
Now things have completely changed
My life has been rearranged

As I look back on the events transpired
I once had what people admired
I no longer am the same person
Barely able to stand the sun

As I look back on the events transpired
I once had what people admired
Your transgressions shall be avenged
My swords stand hinged

As I look back on the events transpired
I once had what people admired
Though my revenge is thru a higher power
Anxiously I await that hour

As I look back on the events transpired
I once had what people admired
I know the kind of person I was
Although I did have my flaws

As I look back on the events transpired
I once had what people admired
I held true to my vows
Did for you what my time allows

As I look back on the events transpired
I once had what people admired
Muttered the same words you did
Lost though to a higher bid

As I look back on the events transpired
I once had what people admired
The light in my eyes will shine again
And thus my new life will begin

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back to the drawing board!!!

Is it any wonder why the automotive industry is in trouble?? They've been in trouble for a while but with the whole 700 billion dollar bailout deal their lack of intelligence is finally being brought into the spotlight. They can't take full blame for all of their financial woes though.

Part of the problem is a little group known as the United Auto Workers Union. I have had the privilege of dealing with some of these fine folks and was amazed that GM, Ford and Chrysler haven't gone under sooner. The workers protected by the UAW have no incentive to be productive and save money for the companies that employ them. They have great benefits, decent pay, work decent hours and anytime they want more they just have another strike.

Another shining star in their downfall is the quality of their product. Chrysler came out with a vehicle known as the PT Cruiser. How in the world do you make a vehicle with a 4-cylinder engine that gets less than 25 mpg on the highway in this modern day world? Somehow I can't put all the blame on them. Anyone who would spend their hard earned money to purchase this vehicle should be forced to have a bikini wax with a cheese-grater and isopropyl alcohol for lather. I'm not saying this is the only blunder they've produced but it is a great example.

GM and Ford were building trucks and suv's as fast as they could even with gas prices reaching unheard of and unthinkable levels. This must of have been where the Dept. of Homeland Security got their idea of how to run FEMA. The American public realized that gas prices were not gonna be good again for a long while and started going to hybrids and smaller, more gas-efficient vehicles. How do the geniuses who lead these companies not catch on to it?

Should our government spend some of the bailout money to save these floundering fish? Sadly, if we let them go under the economic and job losses would be monumental so I do believe we have to.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Question That Precedes Everything Else????

Who are you??

I've seen this question posed in many places including the profile for this blog. I realized though, that no matter how hard I tried I could never really answer 100% correctly.

Time changes who we are everyday. Both in the physical and mental characteristics, which are the very echelon of the human self. I know today that if someone asked me if I would be willing to risk my life for another I would without a doubt and with a sounding affirmation do it for my wife or any member of my family and a few close friends. At least that's what I think I would do.

Could I do it for a stranger? I would have to say, that if put in that situation I most likely would because I tend to think that is the kind of person I am. Here's the twist to that theory. I've never really been put in that situation. So I ask myself again could I endanger myself or even give my life to save another?

Most of us would most likely say that we would be willing to endanger ourselves and even maybe give our life for another. This question goes beyond that scope and even further though. If you found a million dollars in a suitcase on the street with the owner's i.d. in it, would you return it? Or even try? If you knew a fellow employee was stealing from work would you report it? If you knew your friend was cheating on their spouse would you tell the spouse or would you be afraid of losing the friendship? Take any question that would bring into play your integrity or moral fiber and see how you would answer it.

Most of us would choose the more morally right answer to those questions and use that to measure the ingredients and the strength of fabric which makes us up. I find this to be slightly hypocritical and lacking in factual information to be able to justify making that decision though. Rarely in our everyday lives to we take a guess at something that hasn't happened yet and accept it as being true or factual. It doesn't make sense to do such a thing. We could take an educated guess using information from something that already has happened that is in retrospect close to what is happening now and anticipate an outcome. We couldn't with a 100% certaintity say for sure what something would be until it happened.

With all of this said I look back at all the times I've been asked "Who am I" and I've come up with this. We are all the factual information such as our address, hair color and age. To describe myself any further I think I will go with this description. I am but a single seed planted in the sands of time that is growing into a tree that must bend and sway with the wind, enjoy the rain when it comes, ride out the dry spells and be willing to lose a leaf now and then.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I don't plan on rambling much in this one other than to say my thoughts and prayers have been with the people of the Gulf Coast the last couple of days. Hurricane Gustav only hit as a Cat 2 storm and didn't do anywhere near the devastation that Katrina and Rita did.

I want to applaude the people of New Orleans, Southern Louisiana and anyone else who evacuated for evacuating in the manner they did and leaving as soon as they could. This could have been a far worse event. I have family in the New Orleans area so I do keep good Ol' Nawlins and it's people close to my heart. Nevermind the fact they have the greatest food down there as long as you don't ask too many questions about what your eating.

Secondly, to the local and state governments along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Alabama, my hat is off to you as well. Its a shame we had to learn the way we did and that the storms couldn't have been reversed. As to be expected, many people were temporarily displaced due to the storm but the organization and readiness this time allowed for a much smoother process. Countless lives were saved, resources spared, and property protected.

God bless you all!!! I hope you all make it home safe.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Bark and Little Bite???

Well it appears the Mr. John McCain has announced his Vice President running mate earlier this week. Her name is Sarah Palin and she just happens to be the Governor of Alaska. It's quite amusing how this announcement came just one day after the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

I have been feverishly trying to comprehend this decision and why he would go with such a choice. The Vice Presidential Candidate is usually one who is chosen to help solidify your campaign and pick up the extra votes the Presidential Candidate is lacking or not very strong in.
So she is going to do what exactly for McCain's campaign??????

The only thing Mrs. Palin really brings to this ticket is really nothing more than the staunch feminist vote, gun supporters, and the bulk of her state constituents. Nevermind the fact the bulk of her constituents are equal in number to the size of a one zip code in a major metropolitan area.S he is a lifetime member of the NRA but yet a self-proclaimed homophobe and anti-feminist. One would have to say that this decision is nothing more than a realization that the Republicans are acknowledging their lack of luster in this election. Moreover, it seems like an attempt to keep the Republican party clean for the next election.

Was Don King at the Democratic Convention? It's almost like the Republican party and McCain drew names from a hat. The white, female and anti-feminist Governor from Alaska sure would not have been my first choice.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Greetings fellow bloggers!!! This will be my very first post as well as my first blog so please be gentle.

In light of the recent passing of Comedian Bernie Mac, it has become brazenly apparent that the Grim Reaper is either dyslexic and is reading his list backwards, or has a very morbid sense of humor. Such a sense of humor is only shared by myself and a fellow blogger who helped get me started.

There is a plethora of names that jump out at me who should be singing ABBA hits with St. Peter. Amy Winehouse is probably top of that list. She could be getting ready to kick the bucket as I'm writing this. How Hulk Hogan doesn't have some form of melanoma from all the years of artificial tan that was bestowed upon his epidermis is astounding as well.

Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of rehab several times in the past couple of years as well. One of the Olsen Sisters has been in and out of rehab like it was her bathtub, and they both look like they're auditioning to host the new "Tales From The Crypt." Not to mention Marc Anthony who looks like The Cryptkeeper. How he got Jennifer Lopez is astonishing.

Let's not forget Mel Gibson. I can only hypothesize that the only reason he is still alive after making Lethal Weapon 3 is that the Angel Of Death is still drawing straws with the Centurions sent by the Roman dominated movie industry.

Hollywood is filled with amazingly talented Darwin Award competitors that run around Southern California completely inebriated in cars that cost more than I could make in 3 yrs. How in the world you could spend that much on a car and then drive intoxicated in it is beyond me. This level of stupidity should qualify you for a visit to a proctologist who just got done cutting chiles for salsa and ran out of latex gloves.

To the next person who makes my yearly salary in less than a month and still finds something to complain or snivel over, please feel free to surrender your bank card as well as your PIN so that I may empty the nearest ATM. I tend to think I'm a caring and thoughtful person and I only wish to share in your anguish. I've always said you can't judge someone till you walk in their shoes.